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Welcome to my Visual Pick-Me-Up!

Each week, I'll cater a graphic for myself and others in the #WritingCommunity who like a positive reminder about the joys and pains of WRITING.

My brainwave: When all else fails, there is always tea.

How Do You Self-Motivate and Persevere?

Writing is hard. Some days, it's downright miserable and masochistic. And yet not-writing is an even darker choice. So earlier this week, I got an itch. It's the New Year! New goals! What better way to pep myself up than to change my desktop wallpaper to something motivational?

Off I went down a Google rabbit hole, seeking a simple inspirational photo + message that would help ease my writerly woe. The result? Call me an art snob, but Google dug up some ugly, generic motivational posters; we're talking man-on-mountain with a black border circa nineteen-ninety, (and that was one of the better images). So I thought to myself: I'm going to fix that...

... and voilà! I bring you my very first post: a graphic made and curated by a writer, for a writer. It won't be everyone's cup of tea but you never know. I hope it brings you a little boost.



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