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THE BLACK MOTH Cover Reveal!

Here it is, folks: I’m thrilled to reveal the stunning cover for THE BLACK MOTH, book 2 in the Mave Michael series! Thank you to the talented designer, Mimi Bark, for yet again capturing the gothic mood of Mave’s story so beautifully.

Here’s a peek at what new, uncanny thrills to expect via the official book jacket description for THE BLACK MOTH:

Ever since the hitman's daughter, Mave Michael Francis learned she is the owner of a crumbling grand hotel, life has been upside-down. Not only is she struggling to fit into her new role and to reconcile with her incarcerated father, but a string of bizarre burglaries is plaguing the nearby village. Meanwhile, the hotel director is running ghost tours to drum up desperately-needed revenue, and Mave's staff is scrambling to host an over-the-top goth wedding. Mave needs to ensure the event is a success to rescue the hotel from bankruptcy. But when she discovers the mask of the Château du Ciel's rumored ghost in the defunct greenhouse where the wedding ceremony is booked, her priorities fracture.

Months ago, the supposed ghost, Holden Frost saved Mave's life, then vanished into thin air. It's an enigma and debt she can't forget. As she plans for the big wedding by day, Mave secretly digs into Holden's true identity and disappearance by night. Her search takes her to the most sinister place: the darknet. And instead of answers to decode Holden's whereabouts, she attracts a stranger online who also wants Holden Frost found—and who will kill Mave's father in prison unless Mave delivers Holden's location, dead or alive. Ticktock.

As the clock winds down to the wedding and her father's potential murder, Mave becomes increasingly ensnarled in Holden's troubled past. And while she's being used as bait to raise Holden from the dead, the stranger online may be closing in for the kill—and may be closer to her at the hotel, than her father in prison.

THE BLACK MOTH is now available for pre-order at all bookstores, and releases officially in hardcover and e-book October 3 (US) and October 13 (Canada). Links are further below! (Psst, you can also add the book on Goodreads and help spread the word among gothic fiction lovers!)

Now if that wasn’t exciting enough for fall 2023, I’m doubly thrilled to announce Mave’s duology, THE HITMAN’S DAUGHTER + THE BLACK MOTH, will be releasing in audiobook this October via Spotify! Hooray!! Listeners can expect more details in coming months, but for now, I hope you love the cover reveal of THE BLACK MOTH as much as me. Thank you for sharing my happy news; I appreciate all your support, wonderful readers 🖤!

Pre-order THE BLACK MOTH today:



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