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This Week's Visual Boost: Escape Mental Clutter

As promised, here is my latest graphic; designed for myself and others in the #WritingCommunity who like a positive reminder about the joys and pains of WRITING.

My brainwave: return to the ROOT of inspiration; experience storytelling

How Do You Navigate Negative Pressure?

Whether squeezed by external or internal forces, writers face a lot of negativity. From scathing criticisms and rejections to daily expectations for brilliant prose and word counts, we are constantly bombarded with stress. On many days, it can feel overwhelming.

How can we produce, be creative in such an environment where, on the one hand, our hearts lie exposed to the world, and on the other, our brains filter through counteractive noise? Perhaps the answer lies in the vulnerability of writing itself. If so—from my screen to yours—I hope this week's visual boost brings you a little retreat back to the simple joy of storytelling.



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