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Graphic Booster #4: Dreaming Stories

Happy one month anniversary of "Writovation!" I'm pumped to post my fourth motivational image (designed and curated to support the creative process). In fact, the simple message of this week's visual pick-me-up might be my favourite: live your dream as a writer.

My brainwave: the writer's dream is where it begins and ends

Dream & Exist in Technicolor Words

In a go-go world of positivism, (where everything should be rationally and scientifically grounded), the so-called state of dreaming is underrated. Storytelling, however, is not necessarily rational, or even grounded in this world. It starts and ends in our imaginations. We dream up pretend characters, relationships, settings, and life-changing problems to be overcome.

So this week's kaleidoscopic graphic is as complex as it is simple. It aims to remind me of all the countless, unique, and beautiful facets of storytelling that emerge from a void-like centre. I hope you enjoy the colourful dreamscape as much as I do!



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