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Celebrating Arts in the Community

What! I won a MARTY Award for “Excellence in the Arts” from the Mississauga Arts Council!! Between this and my cover reveal for The Hitman’s Daughter, what an exciting week this has been! (If you missed the latter, feel free to check out my guest post about lessons learned on the path to publication over on the Pitch Wars blog. It's full of "Writovation!")

video stills of me accepting my MARTY award
Video stills of me accepting the award — note my surprise! (Filming: Mississauga Arts Council, 2021 )

Thank you!

A big thank you to the Mississauga Arts Council for all the hard work they do to help promote and lift the careers of artists and creative professionals in the community.

Also, thank you to members of the jury for their time, energy, and for selecting me—I’m incredibly honored—especially with all the amazing 2021 finalists. There’s so much incredible talent in this city! Heartfelt thank you to my friends and family—I couldn’t have gotten this far without your support!

It seems doubly special to be accepting this award in 2021—after a year that’s been challenging for so many communities and artists alike. Whether we’re turning on the news and seeing another hate crime, or simply dealing with COVID-19 variant outbreaks, it’s now more than ever that the making of art matters. So thank you for this wonderful recognition! Filmed for the 26th annual awards ceremony, here is a highlight of my surprise and excitement of accepting the award…



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