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Planting Stories in Springtime

Happy Spring thaw! As March comes to an end and the weather warms, I've paired together a motivational message + image that is seasonally inspired. I figure, as the rains fall and the muds gather, it's the perfect time for a writer's words to speckle, pour, and create muck on the page.

My brainwave: drafting a story is a lot like planting a garden

Dirt is the Origin of All Stories

I'm a big fan of mud—literally. I have a cupboard full of my handmade, lopsided pottery as proof. There's nothing wrong with getting dirt under one's nails. If anything, it's proof of hard work. So why not in writing, too?

This week's visual boost reminds me, as I dig down and plant words that hopefully bloom, it's okay to get my hands dirty. It's okay if my writing starts out messy or clumps together or crumbles apart. Just like planting a new garden, or sculpting a new teapot, all stories start off delicate. Words are a fragile medium. They need plenty of TLC and time before they can properly root and grow into a story worth sharing.



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